The most fascinating novel of 2013

La Bilbia bastarda - english synopsisSYNOPSIS:

A piece of news in the newspaper “La Voz” in January 1934 triggers a complex web of interests in which that daily´s reporter, Emilio Ruiz, finds himself involved. The streets of Madrid, its buildings and the city´s underworld become the scenario of the pursuit of the trail of the oldest known Bible. The Codex Sianiticus, a priceless document, hides among its pages some disagreements with the “oficial truth” about the life and death of Jesús Christ, and could prove that the Gospels we know have been manipulated over time.

An incredible novel based on a real book. A gripping plot bringin together journalists, spies, policemen, priests and a mysterious librarian, which will let nobody indifferent.